The Early Years

The original team at Oculu are pioneers at serving video online. Our online video hosting technology was created out of frustration and necessity to specifically address the needs of our video production company, Innovate Media. Customers hired us to create amazing videos for their websites. And we did, however they had great difficulty on their end getting the videos delivered properly on their websites. We solved their problem by having our software engineers create a simple yet robust platform to stream online video for them. This platform alleviated the headaches associated with properly serving video on the web and having their own customers enjoy it. Oculu has been enhanced and upgraded frequently since inception. The video streaming service started to grow as a division of Innovate Media. Oculu was spun off as a company of its own and since then things really caught on and Oculu has become the premier video technology solution serving videos for thousands of businesses globally.

Oculu 2.0

For years customers asked us if we served pre-roll ads as part of our video service offering. We heard the requests but continued operating as mostly an enterprise hosting solution. Finally we gave in and added the ability to serve pre-roll to meet these customer demands. We now have as many publishers that use us to serve ads as we do enterprise customers. 2016 marked our expansion to the Silicon Valley in Northern California, a partnership with Parveen Panwar and the opening of an office in Los Altos. Parveen is an early pioneer of the video/content audience extension. He and his team of video experts integrated their expertise and knowledge of the video ad serving business with Oculu, in addition to a complimentary syndication tool to work with content producers. Since that time, ad serving and content distribution have become a critical component of the services we provide. Always evolving, our video player is now “360” compatible and sends and serves content to the next frontier of video devices.

Leadership Team

John Cecil

Managing Partner

Nerissa Valdellon

Business OPS

Michelle Mcgrath


Parveen Panwar


Maddy Kanzler

Account Executive

Daphine Soriano


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    Our Clients

    • Cannon | InnovateMedia
    • Disney | InnovateMedia
    • Rhapsody | InnovateMedia
    • Capitol | InnovateMedia
    • Symantec | InnovateMedia
    • UnitedHealthCare | InnovateMedia
    • Toshiba | InnovateMedia
    • Walmart | InnovateMedia