Video Advertising Network

We create relationships between advertisers and consumers of
premium video content accross a growing range of connected devices.

Addressable Video Advertising Across the Worlds Leading Media Brands:

By partnering with world's leading publishers Oculu ensures that your campaigns reach relevant, high quality audiences. We have created an addressable , efficient, and scalable way to execute video advertising on premium media brands.

People-based Media Buying for Video That Sells Through Technology:

Transforming the business from traditional impression-based advertising by unifying ComScore 250 publishers with advertisers to collaborate, create and deliver more effective video advertising plans.

Video Advertising Experiences:

We create a video advertising experience that talks to people you want to reach on the media properties you want to reach them on. We engage the people on the content that they care about across: mobile/mapp/desktop/CTV/OTT



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Oculu Advertising Selling Points:

A.) Quality Inventory and Advanced Targeting:
Publisher within the Oculu networks are secured
directly with our in-house media buying team -
people are buying the media. With that human touch
each execution undergoes with a strict vetting process to
ensure highest quality. Our demographic targeting
helps you show your ads to the consumers you
care about - likely within a particular age range,
gender, parental status, or household income.

B.) Full Transparency: We're proud to high quality
site that we partner with and happy to offer full
transparency of both front and back end of our
campaigns. This means we can provide you full site list
up front as well as the level reporting throughout the
duration of any campaign. Additionally, you are able
to make fully customizable with whitelisting
or blacklisting as you see fit.

C.) Managed Service: Your account will be managed
by dedicated representative and supported by a
multifaceted back end team. This team is made up of
media buyers and ad operation specialist. We work in
conjunction with one another to execute your digital
campaign, ensure premium placement, and monitor
performance all with the goal of meeting and
exceeding client KPIs.